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Shares, Made Simple

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Have you ever found managing your private equity frustrating and complicated? Have you tried to transfer private shares and been bogged down in bureaucracy?

Private equity management is archaic. It ’s managed with out-dated systems. It’s tedious and time-consuming.


Crowd-Up is a business-to-business ‘software as a service’ provider offering an automated web-based platform. Operating as an unlisted registrar, Crowd-Up is a private equity management solution utilising the addendum only nature of the blockchain.


Crowd-Up is specifically seeking to streamline the accountability process of private equity through digitising the paper process of equity transfer.  The private equity industry has yet to embrace automation, remaining reliant on manual processes and intermediaries such as paper stocks and clearing houses to regulate and clear trades. Crowd-Up’s 24/7 platform will provide the tools to automate this process and reduce the need for intermediaries.


Crowd-Up will save time and reduce stress for any individual or company dealing with unlisted equities. This means we will be working with companies raising finance, investors offering finance and with 3rd party sales of equity. In the first year of operation Crowd-Up will be focusing on small companies and angel investors.

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Crowd-Up has a naturally high R0, even small companies have shareholders and angel investors who want to maintain diverse portfolios. With limited marketing Crowd-Up has the ability to be a ‘viral’ product that naturally spreads through our market.


Crowd-Up competes with other unlisted registrars and companies offering cap-table dashboards. By combining the two in an automated portal, Crowd-Up presents a competitive solution for the management of equity for both companies and investors.

Crowd-Up will be releasing its platform in Q4 2019.